Review: Good To Me – Self Care Box

UK born brand Good To Me is a new small business that has burst onto the scene with one message: self care is self love.

Their aim is to help people with mental health difficulties practice the art of self care and give themselves permission to put themselves first for a little while. They’re helping people everywhere work on their wellbeing be it through workshops, programmes or monthly themed boxes.

Following their successful brand launch in London on March 8th of this year, I was honoured to be asked to review their first box which was centred around one word – ‘calm’

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Swings & Roundabouts: Mood Tracker Review

After a pretty horrific time at the end of last year where I was completely out of control of my mood swings for reasons unknown, I decided to give mood trackers a try. I’ve seen them around the community and always thought they’d be useful to someone like me, but it wasn’t until I had a complete breakdown that I decided it was actually worth a try.

I wanted to see if there were any patterns that weren’t overly obvious to me, and just how my ‘normal’ weekly moods looked. One of the first things you’re asked about when you start therapy or even just go to a GP for the first steps is how you’re feeling – and often when someone asks us that our minds immediately shrug and switch off.

To try and better understand my moods I tested out two different mood trackers – the first was the popular Daylio and the second Mind’s own creation. I spent a week on each tracking my moods as they changed throughout the day. Here’s what I thought of them both…

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