Sunshine Blogger Award


I was amazed and flattered when I saw that I had been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award. To say I’ve only been at this a few months I’m truly honoured that people have responded to the blog so much and thought of me for a nomination. Thank you so much to Claire at for the nomination!

In keeping with the rules, see below for my nominations and answers to the questions Claire provided.

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Certifiably Crazy: Please Find CV Attached

I guess if I’m going to run a blog on mental health I need to have some kind of credibility to do so. Though I do consider myself well educated with a thirst for learning new things only my Google history and stolen book collection could really explain, I hold no credentials in the world of psychology, other than the unofficial award I’ve bestowed upon myself for surviving 26 years alongside the most difficult person I’ve ever come across: Me.

So, in fairness to you, dear reader, before we embark on this journey together, here’s my story…

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