Is A Bath More Than Just A ‘Self Love’ Trend?

Alright, I’ll admit it. I love scrolling through various bath hashtags looking at gorgeous aesthetics, brightly coloured water and arrays of candles. And, yes, I dream of the perfect roll top bath that looks over a beautiful landscape. And okay I MIGHT have started an instagram club for showcasing some of my favourite bath time photos – but it’s more than a trend, I promise!

For a while I thought the same as most. Baths were becoming a trend. I mean, most of the selflove/selfcare posts on Instagram was someone in a multicoloured bath in a stylish bathroom with all their expensive Lush products.

But a bath is more than those first few seconds where the perfect pictures are snapped. Its more than a hashtag or a chance to show off your latest fizzies. For me, a bath is the ultimate act of self love. It’s not a hop in, hop out shower. It’s not a quick task to complete because your day is so full. A bath is a chunk of time that’s set aside just for you. It’s an excuse to disappear, to not be expected to jump on request to tend to whatever task. It’s warm water and pleasant smells and a slice of the day that’s just for you.

I get so excited when I’m going to have a bath. There’s prep work where everything is tailored to my specifications. It’s all about me!

What water temperature do I want?

What smells do I want?

What colour do I want the water?

Do I want bubbles?

Shall I have a drink?

Do I watch Netflix, read a book or listen to music?

Do I keep the room bright or light my candles?

Every bath is my creation just for me. I get to hang out with myself for a while in an environment where I feel both vulnerable and comfortable at the same time. It’s an escape. A time for whatever I want whether it’s quiet reflection or my favourite distractions.

I can really take care of myself in a bath. It’s not like the quick checklist of a shower. I can let my skin soak in all the moisture, let my hair sit in my special shampoo, scrub every inch of my body and shave (if I feel like it) comfortably. It’s my bubbly world and what I say, goes.

So, go ahead and snap those pics, and enjoy the time you spend taking care of you 💖 You deserve it! 🛁

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