How Bankruptcy and Breakdowns Make For The Best Christmas Ever

Are you getting ready for the holidays?

I’ve been accused of being a grinch in the past, and maybe I was but for good reason… (click below for hilarious baby photos)

(I’m the crying one)

Christmas has never really been my favourite time of year. It’s difficult coming from a divorced family because there’s always been that added pressure of having to please EVERYONE. There’s so much stress that comes with Christmas, mentally and financially, and I don’t think people really take that into account when they call people a grinch.

In every office I’ve worked in I’ve had the odd looks and eye rolls for not liking Christmas music or hating the obligatory secret Santa. When I was younger, family always told me to cheer up and join in with the festivities as my moody teenage self glared back at them beneath too much eyeliner. I always felt forced to be happy.

My mum loved Christmas. She was the only person who really got me happy about the holidays by not forcing it out of me and it makes me sad I don’t get to share that with her anymore. I’ll never get another Christmas with my mum, and over the last seven years that’s been a lot to handle.

This year I’m not at work and don’t have much money, so I know expectations are low from others, which actually is a big relief! It’s been a terrible year of rock bottom and it’s no secret amongst my family and friends what me and my wife have been through, mentally, financially and physically.

As a result I’m not spending a ridiculous amount of money on presents because I want people to know I love them, or because I feel obliged to. I’m not being invited to parties so I don’t have to stress over outfits and money and being social or running here, there and everywhere.

So that’s actually made me look forward to Christmas for once! For ONCE! People have tokens instead of lots of presents, everyone understands why I can’t come to parties and I’m not automatically expected to be full of festive cheer. Which is great! There’s so much less pressure and stress so I can just sit back and enjoy the things I’m grateful for. I feel like Christmas has been stripped back to what it should be.

Take it from me, guys. There is zero point getting yourself into debt or in a mess trying to please other people. You don’t have to force a smile or hide your struggles for any holiday. For the people who really love you, being with you is enough.

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