Review: Good To Me – Self Care Box

UK born brand Good To Me is a new small business that has burst onto the scene with one message: self care is self love.

Their aim is to help people with mental health difficulties practice the art of self care and give themselves permission to put themselves first for a little while. They’re helping people everywhere work on their wellbeing be it through workshops, programmes or monthly themed boxes.

Following their successful brand launch in London on March 8th of this year, I was honoured to be asked to review their first box which was centred around one word – ‘calm’

I was so excited when my box finally arrived. Beautifully packaged and a treat for the eyes, I really did feel like I was getting something special, something that was just for me. Also, who doesn’t find getting packages wonderfully exciting?!

The contents of the box aimed to fill each of the 5 senses with calmness, and having sampled each of them I can certainly agree these items had definitely been carefully picked to fulfil their purpose.

What’s in the box?

Book of Positivity

This is an adorable little book! It’s full of positive quotes to help calm a quiet mind, as well as tips on managing your wellbeing from stress tips to sleep tips. It helps you understand mental health a little better whilst gently lifting your spirit with a verity of quotes. A great little book to keep close at hand to pick up and put down whenever needed.

Protein Ball

This is a deceptive ball of energy. Though it may look small, it’s packed with a punch of energy. It’s very filling, and in fact I could only eat half before feeling full! It tastes great and slowly releases energy over a few hours. A perfect power snack to keep in your bag.


Now, really, who doesn’t love Lush? The scent of this thing is amazing and it soaps up really well. I love clay and making things, but even if you don’t just rolling this stuff around is quite calming. A great addition to your bath time!

Sleepy Tea

I’d never had any tea pigs tea before but had always heard a lot about it. As there were 2 tea bags, me and a friend (who also suffers sleep problems) had a cup each. The tea was very subtle tasting, so there were no overpowering tastes which was great. Though we both only slept for 4 or 5 hours, the sleep was did have was deep and undisturbed. I woke feeling well rested and relaxed. Will definitely be trying this again!

Yankee Candle

I’ve been a fan of Yankee Candle for years, so I knew I was going to love this. Such a soft and calming smell, not to mention watching flames flicker is very therapeutic. You can never have too many candles, and Yankee candle is the Daddy of all candles. Such a great addition to this box of calm.

All in all this was a wonderful box of self care. It’s inexpensive and filled with treats that lead the little moments just for you. Along with their incredible important message of wellbeing, Good To Me have put together a beautiful first box of calmness and self love.

If you have the means to get on board with this box subscription, I strongly recommend the Good To Me box.

It’s obviously a lot of thought and time goes into these, so please check them out and support their message.

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