Merry Christmas

This is my sign off post for the year, in which I want to thank you all for a wonderful 6 months since I started this blog.

Christmas is a funny time of year, whatever you believe or celebrate. Mental health is often forgotten, or people expect you to forget yours in favour of bright lights, wrapping paper and jolly noise. For some of us that’s easier said than done. For some of us, Christmas time piles on that extra stress of hiding what’s really going on in our heads. For some of us we feel guilt, shame, loneliness…

You are still you tomorrow, and whether you are surrounded by many or a chosen few – you deserve real smiles, not fake ones, and a shoulder to lean on if you need it, regardless of what day it is.

I hope you all have the Christmas you deserve. Stay safe. And if you need a friend, my instagram DM box is open all year round 💙

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